Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Na'vi. :)

K, so here's the thing:
I'll be late for my appointment later with my friends and IDC 'cause staying up late this time is worthy. :)
I just made this Blog and I'm not expecting too much about this.

This is the first entry and my first time to watch Avatar! :) Yes, Avatar was shown last year and I',m too late for that movie but for the second time, IDC, there's a saying " It's better  late than never".

First time and the movie didn't failed me. The adrenaline's still rushing thru my veins. For the win right?
I gave Sam and Zoe two thumbs up. It was like, "Gaaah! More. More! :) " I guess, Avatar would be on my favorite movie's top list.

Still craving for more and I know, Eywa will grant my wish. :)