Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CANDYs be love

There was one time, I boastly showed my sister my huge collection of Candy magazine. Although I didn't start it at the very first issue, I'm still glad because I met my best-est friend. It's better late than never, as what people say. Meeting Candy isn't just about the collection but rather, it's all about how I spent my fours years and a quarter with Candy. More than fifty monthly issues eating the remaining space of one of my tables, never once dared to cut them nor damage them; that's how precious Candy is to me. Everything about Candy is perfect! (From the editorial's corner up to the last page) Candy makes me feel uneasy and excited whenever a new issue is being released. Every issue has its own uniqueness and marvelous life changing lessons and advices; it's as if candy knows what I've been through every month. It starts my every month right. If Mr. Krabs has his own secret formula for the oishi Krabby Patty then so is Candy. Wanna know the secret formula? Beat Plankton first! Heh. Kidding aside, here's a copy of the secret formula: 1/2 cup LOVE 1/4 cup SUGAR 1/2 cup spice 1/2 everything nice = Candy Staff! Hooray! You decoded the secret formula! And yes! The secret formula is the love, the sweetness and the expertise of the Candy staff! ;) Anyways, Candy helps me to be an optimistic person every month, teaches me how to live my life and how to treasure my own life without really depending on others; open my mind, arms, and heart to new things and people. CANDY IS MY EVERYTHING! It really deserves to be called as one's BEST-EST FRIEND!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Natutuwa lang po ng sobra! Malalang malala ika nga. :)

Sagot ni SIMSIMI:!/akoposimarcelo
Hindi ako maitatawag na no. 1 fan ni Marcelo Santos III. Nakilala ko lang siya noong nakita ko 2010 sa mga posts ng friend ko sa Facebook yung LSOV niya. Actually hindi ako mahilig magbasa ng mga love stories sa videos, more on books ako kaya di ko pinansin nung una. Pero may nag-post ulit ng link tas naka-describe doon na NAKAKAKILIG! THE BEST TALAGA! dahil doon na-curious ako kasi as in na flooded na newsfeeds ko sa mga links ng videos niya, kaya ayon. Sinearch ko sa Youtube yung LSOV
Ang lumabas noon is "Wishlist": A Story of Love and Signs, tas iba pang videos na related doon. Klinik ko yung episode one. Noong una, "Uy! Ang ganda ng song nito ah!", sumunod: "Uy! Napulot ni Aris yung wallet!" Hanggang sa patagal na ng patagal, na-adik na ako. Mayroon nga yung times na napapaluha nalang ako ng bigla bigla na para bang ako yung girl na bida.
(Imagine niyo nalang face ko habang umiiyak. Imagine isang singkit habang umiiyak!) Binasa ko yung Wishlist, yung lahat lahat. Shineyr sa iba tapos yun. Humanap ng iba at inumpisahan yung Pag-ibig Ni Red na sobrang nagustuhan ko pero hindi ko pa din kino-consider na fan ako ni Marcelo kasi dalawang stories palang napanood ko noon e. March 31, 2012. In-add friend ko si Kuya Marcelo sa Facebook. :) More on likes kasi ako dati. Noong inadd friend ko na siya, hindi ako nag-expect noon na ia-accept niya ako. Syempre, celebrity na din kasi siya e. Nashock talaga ako. AS IN!
SO after Facebook, Twitter naman! Finollow ko siya kasi sobrang awesome and cool ng mga tweets niya! Ang humble sobra! Nirereplyan mga taga-hanga. NagRT na hindi ginagawa ng mga ibang sikat kasi sikat nga sila e. So kapwa sikat din papansinin pero siya, HINDI! Nagtweet siya na "HOW TO DEAL WITH HATERS" NOONG May 13, nagtweet back ako:
How to deal with haters? Stay awesome and block them all with a smile."
NiRT niya. :)
Tapos second Favorite niya yung ginawa kong LAME gif
Third yung pag-comment ko sa
Sobrang thankful nga ako e kasi kahit na ang daming nagtwitweet sa kanya, napapansin pa din ang isang hamak na tulad ko. :) DATI: isang taga-nood/basa lang ako ng LSOV. NGAYON: fan girl na! LAHAT NG PANGYAYARING GANYAN, DINADAAN KO NALANG SA GANITO:
P.S Ito'y isang post ng isang babaeng sobrang mahal na si Marcelo Santos III. :) P.S 2: Well, napanood niyo na ba yung My Super Fan Girl? Kung hindi pa, panoodin niyo! MALALANG MALALA iyan! Sobrang nakakakilig na nakakaiyak! May lessons na mapupulot diyan! XOXO

Monday, May 21, 2012


I thought I'd posted enough photos for the HD camp. So, here are some:


How are you spending your summer so far?
I thought mine would be a disaster but that didn't happened though. I can describe mine as SUMMER PARADISE! I was given the chance to attend the 60th Youth summer camp (some of the photos were posted on this blog), met some new friends and spending most of my time with my family. The church that I'm attending also offered me a free summer workshop, although I stopped attending for weeks now still I'm thankful because I learned some basic steps to start playing the guitar. Ain't no mountain high enough! The summer is almost over and I'm very EXCIVOUS (excited plus nervous) for my second year in college. Have no idea what it would be like. No idea whose gonna be my professor. I got twenty nine units this time compared to my last year's twenty six. And since I'm in my second year now, I got some majors. It'll be a hard and STU-DYING for me. Off topic: I'm reading a book from a famous Best-seller author and this question keeps on popping through my mind. Read the first sentence on the picture below.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First time

April 18, 2012. Livestream with Liam Payne! He yawned. =)
One of the best nights so far.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I left Dagupan for the camp in Baguio last week. I spent my 6 days inside the PBTs with other campers who are all Christians. I've been attending camp for 2 consecutive years already and this is the only camp where my desire to give my 100% self to Jesus Christ is happening after I left the camp site this Saturday afternoon. I really had some HD experiences these 6 days. I'm so overwhelmed. It is now CRYSTAL CLEAR to me why I'm here. What's my purpose and everything. I learned that in transformation, you need to renew your mind first before anything else. Before I can transform my old self into a new one, I need to renew my mind so that everything will be systematized. I'll keep the fire burning inside me 'til the end. I won't dare to let it die easily.
Second Picture: Camp site, while waiting for the bus to take us home. Galatians 2:20
I have been crucified with Christ,it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Few clicks.

Love the life you live and Live the life you love!♥
Be yourself. People may or may not like you, but it's important that you stay true to who you are.
Just because I don't describe my feelings with pretty words doesn't mean I'm not in love.