Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CANDYs be love

There was one time, I boastly showed my sister my huge collection of Candy magazine. Although I didn't start it at the very first issue, I'm still glad because I met my best-est friend. It's better late than never, as what people say. Meeting Candy isn't just about the collection but rather, it's all about how I spent my fours years and a quarter with Candy. More than fifty monthly issues eating the remaining space of one of my tables, never once dared to cut them nor damage them; that's how precious Candy is to me. Everything about Candy is perfect! (From the editorial's corner up to the last page) Candy makes me feel uneasy and excited whenever a new issue is being released. Every issue has its own uniqueness and marvelous life changing lessons and advices; it's as if candy knows what I've been through every month. It starts my every month right. If Mr. Krabs has his own secret formula for the oishi Krabby Patty then so is Candy. Wanna know the secret formula? Beat Plankton first! Heh. Kidding aside, here's a copy of the secret formula: 1/2 cup LOVE 1/4 cup SUGAR 1/2 cup spice 1/2 everything nice = Candy Staff! Hooray! You decoded the secret formula! And yes! The secret formula is the love, the sweetness and the expertise of the Candy staff! ;) Anyways, Candy helps me to be an optimistic person every month, teaches me how to live my life and how to treasure my own life without really depending on others; open my mind, arms, and heart to new things and people. CANDY IS MY EVERYTHING! It really deserves to be called as one's BEST-EST FRIEND!